Shave time and ambiguity off of optimization

We're the only service that can unify the data from your multiple analytics platforms. You get the actionable, data-driven recommendation to implement or further test. And fast too.

Our AI evaluates your site's design, structure, and content against updated industry standards.
Instant Suggestions (30 seconds)
1/10th traditional costs
AI-powered data analysis
Text, Structure, Graphics
User-Friendly Dashboard
Automated predictions for suggestions
AI-evaluated impact maximization
Traditional Alternatives
Relies on manual segmentation and analysis to tailor content and offers.
Days to months
$2,000 to $10,000
Slow, ambiguous data analysis
Limited by team specialization
Requires technical expertise
Manual, inaccurate estimations
Subjective Prioritization

Frequently Asked Questions

A team of AI enthusiasts and e-commerce experts passionate about making website optimization easier and more effective for everyone. Methodology and best practices have been informed by numerous industry wizards including Jared Miller, Sr. Director of e-commerce analytics and personalization at Kendra Scott.

Anyone with an e-commerce site looking to boost their conversion rates—no tech wizardry or optimization expertise required!

Sitewiz integrates with analytics platforms like GA4 and Hotjar, with more integrations on the way! Sitewiz unifies data from each to produce the most informed suggestions possible. The number of integrations increases with each pricing plan.

Not really! Sitewiz is designed to be friendly and digestible. You only need to integrate with your tag manager. Check out our docs for guidance.

Your data, as well as site interaction data such as hovers and scrolls, is used to generate brand and funnel informed suggestions to improve your site's performance—nothing more. We respect your privacy and ensure data security.

Sitewiz evaluates your website by analyzing its HTML structure, images, and user interaction data. Our AI processes this information to identify areas for improvement and deliver tailored suggestions for enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.

Sitewiz saves conversion rate optimizers a ton of time by quickly spotting hidden conversion leaks and suggesting creative improvements that might not be immediately obvious. It digs into all sorts of data to find these gems, giving CROs fresh, effective strategies without the usual heavy lifting.

Sitewiz uses AI to speed up your site's optimization by catching things that might slip past manual review. It delivers quick, actionable suggestions without the usual guesswork, keeping improvements data-driven and fresh.

Mere seconds! Once Sitewiz is set up and connected to your data sources, actionable suggestions are generated swiftly to help you optimize quickly.

Sitewiz has been rigorously tested with various e-commerce companies across various platforms and sizes to ensure it delivers accurate and valuable suggestions.

We're working on bringing collaboration in teams through a seat-based model to life.

The worst case? You might find some suggestions that don't fit your brand perfectly. Through Sitewiz you can visualize changes; the decision to implement still rests with you!